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Alpha Lipoic Acid


Alpha lipoic acid is a fatty acid found naturally inside every cell in the body. It's needed to produce the energy for our body's normal functions. Alpha lipoic acid converts glucose (blood sugar) into energy. Alpha lipoic acid is also an antioxidant

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Vitamin A Emulsion also features vitamin E offering a dose of both essential vitamins.

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Acidophilus is used to restore good bacteria in the body especially in the intestines, mouth and vagina.

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The AlkaWand™ is a little pocket water ionizer you carry in your pocket. Just slip one into a cheap bottle of “purified water” and you can quickly transform it from an acid oxidating drink into alkaline ionized antioxidant water with the mineral elements

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Posture Medic


Posture medic is a device designed to help strengthen weak muscles, stretch tight muscles, and stabilize the upper body.