Alpha Lipoic Acid
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Alpha lipoic acid is a fatty acid found naturally inside every cell in the body. It's needed to produce the energy for our body's normal functions. Alpha lipoic acid converts glucose (blood sugar) into energy. Alpha lipoic acid is also an antioxidant


Additional Details
Health Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid include
1. Peripheral Neuropathy caused by injury, nutritional deficiencies, chemotherapy or by conditions such as diabetes, Lyme disease, alcoholism, shingles, thyroid disease, and kidney failure. Symptoms can include pain, burning, numbness, tingling, weakness, and itching.
2. Brain Function, Alpha lipoic acid can cross the blood-brain barrier. It is thought to protect brain and nerve tissue by preventing free radical damage.
3) Age-Related Conditions, As an antioxidant, alpha lipoic acid can neutralize free radicals which can damage cells. Free radical damage is thought to contribute to aging and chronic illness.
Other Common Uses: Alpha lipoic acid has also been used for cataracts, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, burning mouth syndrome, Alzheimer's disease and stroke.